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    Detecting Mouse NOT over Flash movie

    Pulcinella2uk Level 1
      Is there a good way to detect if a mouse is no longer hovering over a flash movie?

      I have tried the method:
      if (_ymouse < 390) {
      if (_ymouse > 20) {
      if (_xmouse > 20) {
      if (_xmouse < 421) {

      This method uses a border of 20px all around the edge of the Flash movie, and if the mouse moves into that area (on its journey out of the Flash movie) then it plays frame 3. Please note that I've only used a 'border' because I've been forced to - Flash doesn't detect the _xmouse or _ymouse once the mouse is not over the movie.

      However, if the mouse moves too fast, then this method fails to detect that the mouse is no longer in the central bit of the movie.

      Is there another, better, method. I am thinking along the lines that if the mouse is over the movie (or a transparent button covering the whole movie), then the result is TRUE, but if the mouse isn't over the movie the result is FALSE.

      If anyone has a solution, I'm longing to know about it!

      Many thanks