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    Export InDesign To Flash Issue

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      Hi, we created a multipage interactive presentation in InDesign CS6 planning to output to .fla file that our flash designer would open in Flash to edit. However, when file is opened in Flash it appears that none of the original design elements are in place (in layers or otherwise), text is not editable and there are no animations, page transitions or functioning buttons visable. According to our Flash designer, everything has been combined into one element per page. And there is no code available to compile. What could we be doing wrong? It seemed so straight forward on the Adobe video. Thank you for the help.

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          Update: Reinstalled flash. Layers with content are now visable but  animations do not indicate path of item plus the code that enabled the swf file to function properly does not appear to have made the trip during export to the .fla file. That doesn't seem right. What would be the sense of enabling InDesign to export flash files if they are crippled in the process? There does not seem to be any time savings using InDesign if most of the work has to be redone in flash. Are we missing something? Any input is welcomed.