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    [Help] How can I optimise this footage


      Ok, let me first off apologise it this is in the FAQ. I am by no means knowledgeable on Premiere and had no idea what to search or look for.

      I make videos for YouTube about PS3 games, I use the Hauppauge HDPVR to record and ‘Arcsoft Showbiz’ to capture to footage on PC (a program that comes with the PVR).

      Here is a screenshot of the specs of a sample of the footage in question: 





      My questions are:


      What Preset should I use ?

      What format should I render it in ?

      And, are there any other tips of enhancing or retaining the HD quality of the raw footage?


      The reason I ask is because so far I have only been able to export lower quality videos to YouTube and it is a bit annoying as I spent a fair amount of money on the piece of HD kit.


      Any help is appreciated,

      Thanks in advance 


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          Greg Baber Adobe Employee

          First of all, your footage is 720x576 - which is not HD.  You can export out as that size if you would like, but it's not going to be HD.  Check your hardware to see how to get HD footage out of your rig.


          Your sequence settings are best set by just dragging your footage to the new sequence button - that will ensure they match your source footage.


          Then, when you are done editing, the export format you would want would be H.264.  Then, you will see some presets that include HD YouTube footage.