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    After Effects CS6 Performance issues


      Hello all. Well, got three new mac pro 12 core systems all running 65 - 128gigs of ram with Quadra 4000 GPU cards, up to date drivers, up to date AECS6 and dedicated 500 gig solid state drives for global cache. Their all set-up according to Adobe specifications/instructions. And, no we are not working with the ray trace activated in comps.


      We have all noticed that performance on some projects is painfully slow. In fact some projects which run fine on an older MacPro with AE CS5.5 creep on the new boxes running CS6. So slo in fact we have had to abort and jump to the older machines to get things done in a timely manner. Simple things like typing text, navigating the GUI and scrubbing the timeline are frustrating. We are not new to mac boxes or After Effects. We have all been using AE since version 4. It also seems like projects with a lot of footage in them or a lot of stills that have higher resolution dpi really seem to bog. Something is definitely wrong here. Soloing doesn't seem to help, reducing resolution doesn't seem to help and have tried about every preference option to free up performance.


      If anyone else is experiencing these same issues, I would love to hear about it or possible solutions. The global cache is really nice when all hardware/software is hitting on all cylinders, but something seems a miss. Not getting why there are performance issues on some projects and basic operational uses like text.


      Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.



      Chris Abolt

      Motion designer

      Abolt Media