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    Alternate layout with scale; snap to baseline


      I am trying to use the new alternate layout feature, using the scale option.


      My document has style sheets with body copy set to 9 point type with 12 points of leading.


      When I make an alternate layout using the scale liquid page rule, InDesign correctly scales up both my type and my leading, but because I have my paragraph styles set to snap to the baseline grid (12 points), the effective leading remains at 12.  Is there some way to have a different baseline grid for the new alternat layout so it can be set to increase proportionately to the type size increase?



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          Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Since this is an InDesign-specific feature, moving to the InDesign forum where there's a higher chance of getting a correct response.



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Dave – since baseline grid is a document preference and not a page or a spread preference, this is not possible.

            What is possible, is to set an individual baseline grid per text frame.


            Or you could try to set your baseline grid to a common factor for both layouts, if that is possible at all, but there could be unwanted side effects…


            For DPS usage I do  recommend not using the baseline grid altogether.


            @Neil – "Baseline Grid" might be an InDesign-specific feature, but most DPS users will have to work around the fact, that it is not a page or spread property, if they are using InDesign CS6 with alternate layouts.


            Adobe should change that in a future version.