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    InDesign 5.5: Strange Printing Transparency Issues


      Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. This forum has helped with a lot of problems, so thanks, and hopefully you can help with this one.


      I'm working on a multiple-spread page for a client that is giving me some strange issues when it's printed. The document has an image as a background for the entire page, and then a black box over the image with some text on top of it. For some reason, the black box with text is letting the image underneath show through, almost as if the box is 99% transparent or something. I've checked each box individually, and there's nothing in the transparency/attributes boxes. I'm not sure how, exactly, to solve this issue -- is there some sort of universal transparent image setting (for instance, set black to 99% opacity always or something similar)?. It's the only thing I can think of.


      InDesign CS5.5, OSX Lion. The files are a combination of TIFF and JPG images, and I get the same issue no matter what image format is underneath.


      Any feedback is welcome here.