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    Selecting INDD files in Finder (via applescript)?


      Back in the day one used to be able to select dozen's files (INDD or otherwise) with a sweep of the mouse, even when those files were in different folders (see image below).


      But now OS X forces you to CMD+click every individual file. Its such a waste of time, and if you mis-click your files either open, move to another folder or become deselected. Super annoying.


      ***My question is, could an applescript be written to "select all visible INDD files within an open window" such as the window shown in the screenshot below?


      I'm not a very good scripter, and haven't ever scripted for the Finder specifically. Would like to know if that seems like something reasonable to accomplish.

      Any good resources for those kinds of scripts would be appreciated also.


      Thanks much.