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    Why does ADE work on desktop but not Kobo?


      My wife bought a Kobo touch mainly to read books borrowed from the library. The process of downloading, converting and then transfering an eBook into the Kobo is pretty absurd in my view, but for the first few books it did work. Then the most recent book said the book "wasn't authorized with this Adobe ID". I thought that was strange because the Adobe ID shown in the account setting was her ID.


      So I deauthorized her Adobe ID and tried again. We set up the Kobo from scratch and it said exactly the same thing.


      When viewed inside Adobe Digital Editions, the book shows up as being valid. The expiry date is three weeks in the future. It can be opened and read. It shows up listed in the eReader section of ADE. But on the actual device the book shows as invalid.


      Curious, I did a factory reset of the Kobo. Same thing.


      Now getting really frustrated, I did another factory reset and created my own account. I borrowed a book from the library, downloaded it and authorized it with ADE. It shows that the book is valid. It can be read on the desktop version of ADE. But when loaded onto the Kobo, it says the book "isn't authorized with this Adobe ID." Again I double checked the ID and it is correct.


      I'm using a Mac Pro. She's using a 27" iMac. Here's a screenshot showing the ADE info:



      There is clearly no lock, nor problem with number of computers, because I've only authorized the one computer and device. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Does anyone know what's going on?