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    Audio And Video out of sync when moved a little..?


      Hi there,


      A very quick one here.


      I'm trying to sync Video1+Audio1 with another audio on Audio2 timeline. As I do this with two original files (video and audio), it all goes well and I sync them perfectly. Then, I need to fit in another short video to appear before all this, so I move them a little to the right on Timeline to make space for the short video. Unfortunately, after I move them them all (Video1+Audio1 and Audio2), even though Video1+Audio1 and Audio2 are on the same timeline, therefore should be sync perfectly because I just did it, they are not sync -- it starts off well, as it should, but somehow towards the middle Video1+Audio1 and Audio2 are out of sync; video gets ahead a little bit, mysteriously so, because it's all fine in the beginning. And I can't seem to find any visible disruptions on the timeline either.


      Does anybody know what the hell is happening and how to fix it? What am I doing wrong? This is my first time working with Premiere, so I might just be lost...


      Thank you!