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    Advice on Multiple Returns and Unanchored Frames


      Hello everyone--


      I'm hoping to get some guidance on how to approach a problem I'm facing.  I have been tasked with updating a series of documents totalling around 5,000 pages to incorporate our new corporate fonts and colors. The new fonts are slightly larger than the fonts used in those documents. Upon review of the documents, my heart fell as I saw how the indd files were initially built. 


      Here are the lovely challenges:

      • The original designers didn't anchor a single image in any of the documents.
      • They rarely used text wrap; instead they would use carriage returns and baseline shifts to create the spacing they wanted. 
      • Some of the documents have threaded stories that run 60-70 frames long. 


      I was hoping to update the paragraph styles and adjust the layouts as needed based on text flow. (These are training manuals). Nonetheless, as you can imagine, this causes the document to get messy really quick, as text flows to other pages while the associated graphics stay in their original location.


      Due to the number of documents I need to update, some sort of automated solution would be great.  Ideally, I would be able to anchor graphics to the text and remove the extraneous returns so that when the paragraph styles are updated, I can at least maintain the integrity of the content as i work through the other aspects of the layout that I need to update.


      Some ideas:


      • Is there maybe a way to see if there is a graphic in the same general location as the multiple returns? Maybe using the some calculation of the offset properties on the first and last return, and then comparing it with the bounds of any graphics on the page? 
      • I'm also thinking of splitting the stories and updating each page's styles separately, but the document contains a lot of numbered lists. Splitting the stories would mean I'd need to figure out how to keep all of those lists in the right numbering scheme. 



      I'm not asking for anyone to script this for me. (first of all these may be dumb ideas).  Rather, I would love advice on how to go about scripting something like this (or if it is even possible).  If faced with these challenges, how would you approach them? 


      Thank you in advance for your time and effort!