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    Native Installer on Mac - not for App Store


      I am trying to get an Air 3.1 native installer application to work for Mac under Mountain Lion's security model.  The app is not for distribution from the App store but it is downloaded from the web so it triggers Gatekeepers security on both the Installer and the App.


      I am signing the Air app with a standard (Not Apple Developer) certificate.  I then copy the contents of the Dmg (the installer) into a new directory and use my Apple Id to codesign the Installer.  This allows the installer to run but when it attempts to actually launch the app, Gatekeeper stops it saying that "the App is not from the App Store or an Authroized Developer"


      I tried to use the Apple Developer Cert in  Flash Builder but I get an error stating to check my cert or system time (see this: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4576223#4576223)


      I know I can use adt to create the base App (use the bundle option).  I can then sign the base app with the Developer Cert.  But how can I take that app and produce a native installer from it?


      Also, this app DOES NEED webkit resources - ifthat helps.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.