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    Premiere Elements 10 Doesn't Like My User Account


      I'm a newbie here and to posting in forums in general, so I'll ask for forgiveness up front as I'm learning. Here's what I have going on:

      Computer: 2012 MacBook Air running Snow Leopard, Since it's new, I haven't loaded any of my old crap on it, trying to keep it humming along!


      Issue: It took me forever to download and install PE10--with some help from Adobe's Chat support I was able to get that taken care of--I also downloaded and ran the "PremiereFIX" installer.


      Whenever I launch the program from my own account on the laptop, I get an error box reading "Adobe Premiere Elements 10 quit unexpectedly." and I have 3 options: Ignore (which closes it); Report (which sends a detailed report to Apple, not Adobe); and Reopen which puts me into this vicious cycle.


      When I pinged Chat support earlier, they had me set up a new Admin account on the same laptop under the name of "Test" and when I launched the program it worked fine!


      I found some info on a forum about how to correct any user account issues and I followed them to the "t" but to no avail. I uninstalled all the PE program and files and reinstalled and the same thing keeps happening.


      Anyone have a clue how I can fix this without having to log out of my account on the laptop and log back in?