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    Keyframe values keep changing

    renized Level 1

      I am animating position and scale of a few clips, I add keyframes and enter values. It plays fine the first time and I move on. But somewhere the keyframe values change. The render is never as it was intended. Weird - I have done this before but never ran into this problem earlier. What could be going on?


      Examples (1) Clip 1 - I have a keyframe at start and one at the end. The valuyes of the start keyframe changes to value of the end keyframe. (2) Clip 2 - I have 3 keyframes - one at start, another somewhere midway and the 3rd at the end of clip. Same thing, plays fine the first time, somewhere along the process of edit, the start value becomes the value of the last keyframe. (3) Clip 3 - I have 2 keyframes, one at middle of the clip and one at end (there is no keyframe at the start of the clip). The first time it plays fine and then at somepoint I find a keyframe gets added at the start which has the value of the keyframe at the end.


      What could be causing this? How do I fix this? Thanks.