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    Export Book as ePub - an order option greyed out


      Hello All... so after doing some fruitless searching online and in this forum, I must ask about this problem I've run into.


      I am having the same problem within ID 5.5 on Windows and ID 6 on both Mac and Windows.


      What I want to do is "Export Book to EPUB..." while also using the Articles Panel ordering I've set up in the documents. I am trying to do this with several different Books, and getting the same problem when in the Export Options.


      I would like to select "Same as Articles Panel" as the option for "Content Order", but it is greyed out. What is even more frustrating is that *one time* the option was selectable, and the export worked as expected. I have no idea whatsoever why InDesign allowed me that one time to select the "Same as Articles Panel" option, yet every other time I try, it is greyed out and I cannot choose that option.


      Would love to hear from some experts on this one. Thanks in advance for anyone's time and effort.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you check the checkbox beside each article you created? Like this:



          If you did that, then Same as Articles Panel should be available.


          If it still is not, then you should try restoring your preferences:


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            Al.Boulley Level 1

            Hello Steve,


            I have figured out what exactly is happening. You kinda sorta steered me into the right direction. I already had everything I wanted exported as an Article, and yes with the box checked. But then I noticed something... the cover page for each book is its own document, and was also set as the Master Style Source. That was the whole key to whether or not "Same as Articles Panel" option is greyed out or selectable. If there are no Articles defined in the document which is set as Master Style Source, greyed out option. If there is an Article in that document but it isn't checked, greyed out option.


            Very counter-intuitive, and I haven't seen that fact mentioned in ANYTHING I have read about Exporting, in either the internet-at-large or in Adobe's own InDesign Help.


            I sincerely hope that Adobe puts this very important piece of info into their documentation.


            Thanks again.