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    Baggage files not showing up in search


      I have a small RH 9.0 project with about 15 pdf baggage files. The issue is the baggage files are not consistently showing up when using the "Search" feature. I deleted the files, readded to be sure I imported them correctly as baggage files, moved them to a new folder, re-added the hyperlinks, inserted them in the TOC as a page w/hyperlink, inseted the link directly in a topic as a lin, checked to ensure my RH recognized .pdfs ... everything I can find online suggestion how to fix it. Nothing is working! The frustrating thing is ... I can see one of them when I search (it is always the same one), but none of the others. All of the pdfs follow the same naming convention and are all the same type of pdf so I don't understand! I did the exact same thing for all of them! Help!