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    Overlapping Windows and Panels Question


      Hi, I have photoshop cs5 for the mac and I want to display 2 images of my project.  I did this buy going to window>arrange>New Window For "project name"  I want to be able to see one zoomed out and just have it displaying in the top corner.  I position this new window on the top of my screen, but when I click on my "main" window, the new one just goes behind it and disappears.


      My question is can I have my "main working window" tabbed in photoshop, while I have the smaller zoomed out duplicate window floating on top of it?


      I would like for the smaller window to always be on top of my "main" working window of my project even while I have the "main" window selected.  Is this possible on the mac version?


      To solve this, I can make both of them floating windows and position them so that they do not overlap, but this takes up a lot of room on the screen.


      I hope this description makes sense.  Thanks in advance.