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    Is an Asus G75vw laptop good enough?

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      First up I'd like to say that I'm a complete bunny when it comes to this technical stuff and my head is now hurting a bit.


      I need to get a new laptop to run CS5.5 on & CS6 later on when I update. Ive been looking at speced HP's from dealers and they're very pricey. My main issue is probably that I need it in super quick due to an unexpected job dropping into my lap.


      I'm looking at an Asus G75VW. Does anyone out there already run one? Will it do the job? My biggest concern is that the nVidia GTX670M card is not approved. Can it be cracked?


      We do relatively simple HD edits using a mixture of formats.


      If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate the advice.