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    Insert all the slides on a video comment

    GR lab

      Dear support, I would buy presenter 8, but before doing so I downloaded the trial version to see if the function that I need and in the package.

      The function I need is to insert a video (wmv or flash) on a slide in powerpoint, but this video has to cover all the slides.

      I tried Present 8 but I managed to put the video in only one slide and not on all.

      Basically I need to insert all the slides on a video comment.

      Am I wrong in something or this function does not exist.

      Thank you.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you mean that the video has to be spread over different slides, or that it has to be on each slide? First scenario is easy to do in Captivate, if you are talking about a 'video' because it will be converted to FLV or F4V.


          I'm wondering about this because flash, do you mean SWF? That is an 'animation', not a video, because it can allow interactivity.



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            GR lab Level 1

            Thank you for your response, I hope to understand me well because I use a translator.

            Here's what I would do:


            - I have a power point presentation in which I want to overlay a video

            - The video should not go on a single slide, but of all because it has already been created by reading the slides.

            - Once overlapped I want to create a scorm package to import into Moodle

            - I was told that 08 Presenter does it all


            Thanks for the support

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              Patrick ROTEN

              Good day,


              I experienced a similar problem. I have video recordings (talking heads) of some of our past conferences, and I hoped I could sync the video with all the slides.

              However, the "insert video" possibility in Presenter from within PowerPoint only allows to sync a video with one particular slide. Also this video will then be put as an overlay on your current slide.

              If you want to sync your whole video in Presenter, you will have to cut the video into as many pieces as the amount of slides and put each separate video on each individual slide.


              This is a very time consuming post-processing cycle I wanted to avoid.



              To avoid this, I tried to connect our DV-recorder to the PC using a FireWire connection. I hoped I could then simulate a speaker talking to a webcam (but then the image stream coming from the recorder instead of the webcam) and syncing the PowerPoint slides in real-time with the pre-recorded video.

              But this doesn't work, Adobe Video Creator (Adobe_Pr_VC.exe) crashes when powering up an external FireWire device.

              Strange, because I also use other Adobe software (Premiere video-editing, Flash Media Live Encoder) where there is no single problem when connecting a FireWire cam or recorder.


              This method would also solve your problem if it would work.


              I'm also still in my Presenter 8 Trial period, but I believe you can sync one audiofile with more than just one PowerPoint slide, without the need of cutting the audiofile into several pieces. But then of course, you will only have the spoken comment and not the video image.

              See also my other posts with regard to the FireWire connection problem. I hope Adobe will find a solution to solve this.



              Patrick ROTEN


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                GR lab Level 1

                No I dropped the world on me, I've tried various software but all that do not implement this "simple" function, in a forum they told me Presenter 8 had this function

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                  Patrick ROTEN Level 1

                  You can upload an complete audio file and sync it afterwards with several PowerPoint slides, but you can't do this with video.


                  You can only import one video on just one PowerPoint slide, either as a video on your slide, which you can scale and position anywhere on your slide, or as a sidebar video, where it appears as a thumbnail like moving image next to your slide.


                  But ff you want your video to cover several slides, you will have to cut your video file into different pieces, uploading each individual video on each individual slide.


                  That is why the recording from an external source (whether it be a camera or a recorder) would be a kind of a solution.

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                    flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    I am sorry that you were told that Presenter could do this. That functionality has never been in Presenter.


                    As Lilybiri stated, you should look at Adobe Captivate, as it does have the ability to spread video across an entire presentation, and you can import your PPT slides into Captivate as well.