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    converting CMYK doc to RGB, one page behaving odd


      I've got a problem spent the last two days trying to problem solve....


      I have a print doc (CMYK) using black and a spot colour.

      I then need a web version of the same material, in a different layout, so I've copied the pages to a web doc (RGB).

      This copying brings the spot into the RGB doc.

      So after copying I delete spot from swatch and assign a standard RGB value.

      This changes all the spot colours to the RGB value as expected.


      Everything looks right in InDesign, after exporting the PDF the first 10 pages show the colour correctly, then the last page only is way off the correct colour. It looks correct in InDesign and everything is RGB.


      Anyone know what's going on?

      Why is just one page being weird?


      I've tried:

      - added new material to the problem page and assigned the RGB colour, appear correct InDesign, PDF way off

      - duplicating an okay page, copying in the new material.


      any advice would be really apprecited!


      CS5.5, mac