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    Unexpected brief Red Screen in the exported Media


      Thank you for reading this:


      1. I have a Premiere project which was composed with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for Windows.

      2. The project sequence is 720p HD 29.97 fps and source files are 1080p MTS.

      3. When I did "Export Media" for this project with CS5 (Win), the encoding was successful. (via Adobe Media Encoder)

      4. Yesterday, I bought a CS6 for Mac OS, and installed it.

      5. I tried the same "Export Media" (H.264 720p 29.97fps) with my Mac. (via Adobe Media Encoder)


      Results: 99% is ok. but there is several-seconds-lasting red screen in the exported media. (MP4 file)


      Expected results: There shouldn't be any red screen in the exported media.


      *I tried this for 2 projects and the situations are the same. The 2 projects shares the source files.

      In each project, the period of red screen is maintained even if I try "Export Media" several times.

      But the source file for the red period is different between 2 project files.


      Would this be a bug? or my fault? I don't know. Please help.


      Thank you for reading this again.