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    Video importer does not recognize .wav files

    sheltiefriend Level 1

      When I click Get Media, then click Files and Folders in PE10, then click a .wav file that I want to import, I get the pop-up "Please use video importer". The trouble is that the video importer only recognizes video files, e.g. mpeg2. The .wav files that I browsed to prior to being compelled to use the "video importer" are not listed. It used to be so easy to import audio files in earlier versions of Premiere Elements. Why must the "video importer" be used if it does not list common .wav files? Can the settings of the video importer be adjusted, or can this application be side-stepped? Gee, I don't know why things that worked well are made more complicated or can no longer be carried out.


      Also, please can I download a proper help file or user manual to save? I am willing to pay for this service that we previously took for granted. Gee, I have been a loyal fan of Premiere Elements. However, things are becoming unhelpful and obscure. I hope that moderators will help in spite of this new-found negativity of mine. I want to think well again of a program that I have praised to many people.