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    MXF import error in PPCS6




      I am currently tearing my hair out over an import issue in CS6. I'm trying to import a client's footage from an XDCamHD disc into Premiere, which as I understand it should be supported natively. However, everytime I try it refuses to import the video stream (the various audio files seem to import ok) giving me a 'generic error.'


      A few points:


      • I am importing with the whole file structures available so all the various other associated files are there (PPI's, BIMs... or whatever else they're called...). A point to note here is that if I drag the whole folder into PP the usual message comes up about not supporting the file formats for all the rubbish files, but also includes the video stream mxf file.
      • I've tried doing it through the media browser, dragging straight in from Explorer and via File>Import.
      • As far as I can tell from the client it was recorded 1080p, 50Mbps which I can't see being a problem.
      • Our system has the Matrox MXO2 thingy attached, if that makes a difference.
      • Our main system is PC, but I've tried it on a Mac as well and got the same result...


      I think that's it.


      We used to use this footage all the time and had no problems, the only difference being that it was on CS5. So the upgrade is the only thing I can see causing a problem... but I can't work out why.


      Any help is GREATLY apprieciated (before this client tears out what little hair I have left...).