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    What is up with Flash Player?


      Why does Adobe think that I should allow them to automatically install updates to Flash Player when they can't even write good code to keep people from hacking it?  How many times to I have to check the box to keep Adobe from automatically installing the non-hackproof software?


      Let's face the facts. Flash player is about as secure as a cardboard box. The software is obviously as full of holes as a piece of swiss cheese. The weekly updates are getting very ridiculous. From where I sit, Adobe doesn't seem to listen to their customers, if they did, I wouldn't have to check that box every time I get an update from Adobe for Flash player.


      Hello? Anyone listening?


      I'm a big boy, I do not need to have Big Brother Adobe trying to tell me how to run my computer. What I do need, is some software that is secure and doesn't get updated every time you turn around.