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    Adding a custom store to ClickStream Cloud edit dialog




      I've been adding a custom store to the ClickStream Cloud in CQ54 (based on the documentation here - http://wem.help.adobe.com/enterprise/en_US/10-0/wem/administering/Clickstream_Cloud_in_Det ail.html).


      My store is appearing in the clickstream cloud popup fine, and is working well with some custom traits I've set up...


      ...the only thing I can't get working, is the addition of a new tab for my custom store in the Edit dialog triggered by clicking 'Edit' in the top-right of the Clickstream Cloud popup. This isn't essential, but it would be nice to be able to use this to add data to test out segments etc.


      According to the docs, this is configured by adding additional child nodes beneath /libs/cq/personalization/components/clickstreamcloud/content/config but I just can't get the new tab to appear (even though I can see the values in the JSON, and the store name appears to match up ok)....


      I have tweaked things to load the whole config JSON from /apps (so I don't have to add nodes beneath libs) but I'm pretty sure this is working correctly (as other changes to these nodes beneath /apps are showing up fine). In fact, as a test, I've tried adding the nodes under /libs and it didn't work there either...


      Any ideas?





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          tb7032 Level 1

          Eventually I figured this out. In 54, the edit dialog for the clickstream cloud is set up in the JS at:




          Effectively the 'registration' of the various stores is hardcoded in this JS file, with lines like so:



               reg.call(this, CQ_Analytics.EventDataMgr);


          So, we could overlay the entire personalization widgets clientlib, but that seems crazy just to add one line of code.


          So, what I've done is to write my own clientlib and bolded it onto the cq.personalization category (which the /libs/cq/personalization/widgets clientlib is part of). This JS sets up another listener (on the click of the edit button) which adds the additional tab to the edit dialog.


          If anybody is interested in seeing how this was done, buzz me on twitter @tomblackford

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