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    Dowloading Adobe Flash Player with Vista


      Hi, firstly I need to tell you that I am not a wiz on computers but know a bit and have a problem downloading Adobe Flash Player onto my 5-year old HP laptop which runs 32-bit Windows Vista. I have had Adobe flash player in the past but recently it seemed to stop working when I tried to view something on YouTube, telling my I didn't have the correct version. When I try to download an updated version of Flash Player (either from the Adobe site or others), it seems to go through the download sequence OK and tells me it's finished, but when I try to view something (even after re-booting) I get the same message back telling me to download the correct version. Very frustrating. I have tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus programmes during the download too but that doesn't help either. What is strange too is that when I looked for the programme under Control Panel 'programmes and features' it is listed there but doesn't have any memory (kb's or Mb's) attributed to it like all the other programmes do. It's as though it has downloaded a bit of it but not all. Anyone else had a similar problem or know of a solution? I have even tried a system restore to see it that helped but it didn't. I will be eternally grateful! Regards, Andy