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    Do AI native files in Indesign cause large PDF exports?


      Hello all:


      I am a novice at InDesign as well as exporting to PDF, but I have a 45 page document I want to save for web viewing only.... it's my design portfolio.  There are a lot of AI graphics I have placed in this document (about 20 AI files) and when I export to PDF from InDesign with the smallest file size setttings, I can get it down to about 10 mb. I also have a ton of jpegs in there, but they are all 72 dpi resolution, to cut down on the size of the PDF.


      So my question is: can i get the PDF file size down more if I take those AI files and save them as jpegs and re-place them in my indesign document again as jpegs versus AI files?  Do native AI files bloat an InDesign document?


      Thanks everyone!