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    Workflow questions when creating ads


      I'm new to InDesign  so these questions may seem basic.  Pardon me if there are simple solutions I overlooked.


      I'm looking for some workflow ideas as I work up a mock of a 9x12 postcard.  It would have eight ads on each side.  I'm creating eight mock ads to to show what one side looks like to help sell it to clients. Most of the ads would be 4x3 so I'm assembling each in its own file, inside a reactangle box.  I guess I could do all the work in the postcard file but that might be confusing.


      But once finished, how do I get that file into the postcard file.  I exported one to an eps file then imported it into the postcard file that way.  But it wasn't exactly the same size.  Should I forget about trying to make it exactly the same size and just fix the size when I position it on the postcard. 


      Also putting the ads in a rectangular box means the grids don't show in that box.  Is there a work around where I could use the grids or is there another kind of box where I could use them?


      Thanks in advance for any advice here.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If the componenet ads are going to be 4x3, set them up individually as 4 x 3  documents. You can place those files directly in your larger layout using the Place command, just as you can with an image. Any editing will be done on the original ad file, then the link gets updated. Don't bother with .eps.


          If the size isn't quite right it might be due to a stroke on the frame...

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            alex950 Level 1

            Peter, thank you very much. 


            Even though  I had  saved the ads out to individual files, I sure had a blind spot because as to using the place command I sure didn't think of it  until you pointed it out. 


            And as simple as just making the original file 4x3 or whatever, I didn't think of that either. Posts like this

            have the same effect as talking over a problem with a buddy----I can't see anything before and afterwards

            it all makes  so much sense.  Appreciate it.