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    The page that you are trying to open contains a movie that is referenced to an incorrect version of

    Professor S.

      I programmed a set of quizzes in Director 8.0 for one of my courses about ten years ago and have been updating them since. And, yes, I did purchased 11.5, but can't use it because I can't use printing w POM or a number of other extras anymore. My semester is about to start and Adobe has updated the Shockwave player in Windows over the summer (I think?) causing my quizzes to not work in a web browser. I am getting this message and can't figure out what is causing it:


      The page that you are trying to open contains a movie that is referenced to an incorrect version of the Shockwave player.


      I have been working on this for a day and a half and am stumped. I made two apps in 11.5 for WIndows .exe and Mac .app that partially work, but can't get the quizzes to work in Firefox 13 or IE 9. I searched the web and could not find anything useful.  I found a message in this forum from back in 2009 where someone had a similar problem and Sean WIlson said to add a parameter that specifed Player version =11, but that was back in 2009. I tried that PARAM and still get the error. I tried updating the quiz menu .dcr on the web to 11.5, but that didn't work. With all of the updates lately to browsers, the Shockwave plug-in, and Director 11.5, I don't know what is generating the error.  I am assuming its Shockwave player doesn't like something, but have no idea what this movie reference to an incorrect version of Shockwave player is referring to.  We're up to player 11.6 now.  Do we have to include this in the embed statement or is there something else that is causing this error?  Please help, thanks!


      Edit: Oddly, the quizzes are still working on a MacBook Pro using Firefox 13.0.1.  I don't know what the Shockwave Player version is. On the Windows 7 side of this MacBook running bootcamp, it was running Shockwave Player 11.6.4. I thought maybe I should uninstall it and install the latest 11.6.6, which I did. The latest version of Shockwave made no difference on Windows 7.  I also tried to run the quizzes on an HP laptop running Windows Vista, Firefox 14.0.1 and Shockwave Player 11.6 installed back Jan 2012 accoridng to the Control Panel.  Same error message.  Tried it using IE 8, which just seemed to do a Shockwave update - no problem the quizzes run.