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    /libs/cq 404 error

    stewa52 Level 1

      I am getting a 404 for my pages when trying to download the userinfo.json and dict.en.json from /libs/cq folder.  What causes those two files to be included?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          The servlets [1] are responsible for rendering requests to userinfo.json and dict.en.json.  Make sure the bundles [2] & its respective components are active.   If it is active I am assuming the dispatcher filter might be blocking it.   These files are included part of [3].   In case you you don't need the userinfo and i18n data for your site then do[4].










          [3]  /etc/clientlibs/foundation/shared/source/init.js



          *   From crxde at publish instance Comment out below lines in [3]

          // CQ.shared.User.init();

          // CQ.shared.I18n.init({locale: CQ.shared.User.getLanguage()});

          *    Clean and save /var/clientlibs/etc

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            Hi Sham,

            Our website does not need the userinfo and i18n data and therefore the dispatcher filter is also configured to block this. We have tried [4] in your suggested solution but it only seems to solve the 404 error for userinfo.json but not dict.en.json.


            Could there by anywhere else that is also calling dict.en.json?

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              Sham HC Level 7

              Apart from this I can think out of default is teaser component. Are you using teaser component ?

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                Hi Sham,


                How is teaser component related to Userinfo.json and dict.en.json?

                I am using teaser compoent but that is customized one

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                  Sham HC Level 7

                  It is long time I could not recall. Verify yourself by verfying a page that does not have teaser component.