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    Can't Edit Fillable PDF since Certificate - Signature is Not Available


      Hi guys,


      I apologize in advance but I have limited expertise with Acrobat X Pro. I hope this is in the right discussion group. At work, I recently had to have my profile re-created since I received a Trojan virus. I have multiple fillable PDF files I created. I originally had them certified and signed by me. Now that my computer was set back to default, Adobe does not recognize that I am the form author. It does show the certificate by me, but I cannot edit the PDF's. I have no idea why it is not prompting me for my password. Is there any way I can clear or remove the security settings or do something so I can edit the forms? I really do not want to have to re-create all these fillable forms.


      If this does not make sense please let me know and I can explain further.