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    How do I properly get JSP files to compile on a Publish Server


      I'm fairly new to CQ, so this is hopefully a simple question.  I'm using CQ5.3.


      I've modified a JSP file, which fixes some text that appears on our webpages.  After I made the change using CRXDE Lite on the Author server, the change shows up in the page when viewed through WCM console. 


      I packaged this change then used the package manager to install the change on the Publish server. 


      The expected change does not show up using WCM console on the Publish server.


      When I use CRXDE Lite to view the code, the JSP file has the changes.  But when I go and look at the "compiled" file in /var/classes/org/apache/jsp/apps, the _jsp.java file that gets generated is not updated.


      I tried the following:

      Restarting the Publish server.

      Removing the JSP cache (/var/classes/org/apache/jsp/apps/<mystuff>)

      Restarting some of the OSGI bundles (org.apache.sling.scripting.jsp to be specific)


      What am I missing here?  Is there a cache that needs to be flushed?  Is there some activate step that I'm missing here?