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    When exporting a .wmv in After Effects 5 the export adds additional black/Blank frames at the end


      We are experiencing an issue where we or a client provides us with a video that is a .wmv video, exported from After Effects 5 and it adds almost a second of data less video.


      What I mean by data less is the video renders out as WMV, 30FPS, 24 Bitrates (No audio) that is say 7 seconds long within After Effects. The moment it is rendered/exported, it is 8 seconds and shows 8 seconds in any program we import it to. That last second is empty, there is no frames, not even black frames, and when you preview the video in any program, you see the scrub bar, drop about 1 second before the actual end of the timeline.


      I opened the video in Camtasia, and you can clearly see that at the end, it shows in the timeline (Video Editor), however there is no actual video.


      I import the video in my company’s software, and I move the frame scrubber at the end, it says 'Unable to retrieve the requested video frame.'. If we import it to our software, it sees no frames for that second, and automatically loops and adds the first second of the video to the end.


      Typically we only import uncompressed AVIs, but would like to know what this issue is.


      Windows 7 Enterprise
      64bit OS
      After Effects 5