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    Restoring an Autosave Version PP5


      My PC crashed this morning, and I had Premier Pro 5 running with an open project from a couple days ago. After rebooting, I opened the original project and noticed some of the new sequences were missing. So I quickly closed it and opened one (actually all 5) of the backups. I noticed that these backups had the new sequences, but they did not have some of the original sequences.


      So I assume that the backup files were only saving those sequences that were changed since my last manual save. Is this correct? If so, how do I merge the original project with the autosaved project to fully restore the project and all of its sequences and edits?


      There is one sequence in the manual saved version that is not present in the autosaved version, but the autosaved version has 2 new sequences that are not present in the manual saved version. Also, both versions have 2 sequences that are present in both versions, but I am pretty sure these were modified after the manual save.


      I don't remember what was edited between the manual save and the PC crash, so I am trying to be very careful about not losing any new edits.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Autosave will save the project exactly as it is when it saves, in full and intact.  If the autosave didn't have all the sequences, it's one of three possible reasons, in descending order of likelihood.


          1. The sequences are actually there, you just need to open them

          2. The sequences were deleted by you prior to the auto save.

          3. The crash corrupted the autosave files.  (This is a very, very small possibility, though, seeing as it appears to have happened to all five autosaves, not one of which was actually 'open' at the time of the crash.)

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            wfmc staffer Level 2

            You should be able to see the date\time of the autosave prproj file when selecting one. It is good practice to set the autosave prefs to save more often and keep more versions.

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              RTS_Engineering Level 1

              It turns out the sequences were not missing from the project. However, they were not showing up in the timeline area where expected. Once the missing sequences were discovered in the project list, double-clicking on them would make them appear in the timeline as expected. It was the first two sequences that were missing from the timeline area. It may be relevent that there were two new sequences created since the last manual save. So the total number of sequences in the timeline area remained at 4, but should have increased to 6 at the time of the autosave, and all 6 were visible at the moment the PC crashed.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                The number of open sequences is actually not stored with the project, but holds true across projects.


                So if you close project A with 4 sequences open, it'll open project B with 4 sequences open, no matter how many were open the last time you worked in project B.