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    How to make a text field wrap to next page

    Magnum Magnetics

      I've done my best to find the solution to my problem before coming here to post, so forgive me if I've missed a previously posted solution.


      I am a .NET coder, using iText to manipulate PDF's.  I need to create a template for a corporate invoice that will allow me to have header and footer content on a page, surrounding the invoice detail section and have the invoice detail wrap to the next page as necessary.


      Criteria:  All pages have the invoice header.  All pages have the invoice footer with pagination (i.e. Page 1 of n).  The number of pages is controlled by the number fo lines in the invoice detail text field.


      For example, if the text field holds 30 lines and each line item takes up a single line.  An invoice with 25 line items would only use one page.  If the invoice has 35 line items, the content in the text area needs to flow to page 2 in the invoice detail area.


      I have tried every combination I can dream up in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and I cannot get a document set up that will flow from page 1 to page 2.


      For me to be able to access invoice detail field in code, it appears that it needs need to be a Text Field.  I've been able to access the fields from my .NET code and fill them in without issue.


      What I cannot get is a template that will allow me to put more content in the detail area than fits on page one and have it automatically create a second page and flow the content into the detail area.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction, or provide a working sample PDF?




      PAGE 1:





      INVOICE #20


      Line item #1

      Lilne item #1 detail


      Line item #2

      Line item #2 detail <from here, detail must flow to the detail section of the next page>



      Page 1 of 2



      PAGE 2:





      INVOICE #20


      Line item #3

      Lilne item #3 detail


      Line item #4

      Line item #4 detail



      Page 2 of 2