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    Sharing ebook


      How can I share an ebook with other digital edition users and is there a limit to how many people I can be sharing a single book with at one time?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The answer is maybe.  It depends on whether the ebook has digital rights

          assigned to it by the publisher, distributor or author.


          You can tell whether digital rights have been assigned.  Open ADE in

          Library mode.  Then, hover your cursor over the small arrow next to the

          ebook's name.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Pick 'Item Info' from that

          menu and click on it.  The information on digital rights is in the middle

          of the screen.  If it says 'Copying not allowed', then the ebook cannot be

          shared.  If not, then you can pass a copy of the ebook to others.



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            Actually what Frustated just said is wrong (Copying Allowed is for copy paste of text not sharing of books).


            The answer is if the book has DRM (ie you got it through .acsm file) then the book is tied to your AdobeID, and is not shareable to anyone else's AdobeID.


            If you want to share a purchased book you can either:

            1.) Purchase DRM Free books

            2.) Purchase from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble - which allow a limited lending (to single person for 14 days - once only per book).

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              OOPS!  Thanks, Jim, for the correction.