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    De-Noise DSLR?

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      Hello. I can't seem to find a defininitve answer on the internet for this. If I have Canon 7D footage that I've converted via neoscene, or for that matter, the original .mov files if I wanted to edit natively and save time, do I need to de-noise the footage first before editing and color correcting? I've edited a film and am color correcting, but I stumbled on Shane Hurlbut's webpage about CC in Premiere and he very casually mentions de-noising so without elaboration I'm not sure whether I should do that or not. Some footage I don't even notice noise unless I look very closely, but I am just using one corner of the screen in premiere, so likely on a tv screen it'll be more noticeable. But is this a rule of thumb I should follow? Thanks.

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          ExactImage Level 3

          If you have time and horsepower to denoise offline so that you can be denoising while you are editing with the original file, that's a smart way to go.   Then all you have to do is replace the media with the denoised media prior to export and it saves a lot of time.


          However, many people don't know they need to denoise, or only need to denoise a small proportion of their footage, so what we do is:


          1) Edit.

          2) Denoise

          3) Colour


          In the case of Neat Video and Colorista II (a combination we use a lot) we do the denoise and colour at the same time (on export), but put the denoise before the colour in the effects chain.