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    Erratic bezier animation in a very wide sequence.

    Paul van Dinther

      I have a sequence that is extremely wide. 9720 pixels by 1920 pixels high. A high resolution panoramic image is imported into this sequence. The image is larger then the sequence.

      The idea is to animate the image along a bezier path and then export 9 separate video files 1080 wide and 1920 high.



      The sequence is 30 seconds long and I placed 3 animation nodes on Position under Motion at the beginning, middle and end of the sequence. Each node uses "linear" for temporal Interpolation and "Continous Bezier" for the spacial interpolation.




      By adjusting the bezier handles I formed an elliptical path that starts and ends at the exact same point so that the video can be looped.



      Closeup of path is below


      So much for the setup. Now the problem. (The screenshots are taken at 15 seconds while on the middle animation node)


      When I render this project, I render it to seperate video file using the cropbox on the source tab in the "export settings" screen. Like this:



      I rendered the above video in H264 as well as WMV and in both it plays back with a smooth animation as expected. However, when I immediately after this render export the following:



      The footage is very jittery and unusable. Since both videos are rendered from the same animated image, I can not understand why the results are different. the further the cropbox moves to the right, the more jittery the footage becomes. This is even visible in the Program monitor during playback. To add to the confusion, If I render the entire sequence area to a normal 1920 x 1080 video, all of the footage is stable as expected.


      I think I am doing something wrong here but what?

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          Paul van Dinther Level 1

          Ok, I now know what triggers the problem and I think it is a bug. As it turns out, the problem of erratic animation only occurs when I scale (Without animation) the source image. If I leave it at 100% the animation is fine.

          I tried to set keyframe for the scale but that doesn't help at all not even when I animate the scale slightly between two values. For now I am forced to scale my images in photoshop first.


          Strange that such a major feature is not working right. I suppose the bug shows due to my unusually wide sequence window of 9720 pixels since the error doesn't show up when rendering the far left of the window (The first 1920 pixels is where pretty much everyone else works)


          Uhm... Should't I be paid for this work?