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    need help with power adopter


      Hey guys!


      here are my pc spec - well its old pc spec!

      - i7 950 3.07Ghz

      - msi x58m

      - 1GB x 6 = 6 GB crucial ...

      - HDD C: - WD raptor sata 2 150gb

      - Club 3d ATI radeon HD 4890

      - 3 extra hdd sata 2

      - chieftec 3 bay HDD box for 4 extra sata2 HDD - I have 4 hdd there but they dont work all the time i turn them on only when i need it

      - chieftec 750W ... aps-750c


      now i did some changes!


      i put my ATI card into my 2nd back up pc and updated the ram, so now i have :


      - EVGA GTX 580 classified 3 GB

      - 4GBx3 = 12GB corsair


      1st two weeks all was fine, but now i CANT turn on my pc....... so in order to turn it on i disconnect the power cable, wait for some time then connect it again and if i try to turn it on right away it will not work , so after i connect the cable i wait for like 30 mins and then its strarts working...... after its turned on there are no problems, all working fine, but each time after i turn it off i just CANT turn it on, and have to make that "procedure" each time to turn on my pc!


      now i took that chieftec 3 bay hdd box and put it on my back up pc, was hoping it will be better , but nope


      is it really power? does the 750w really is not enough? any recomendations for a new power box?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Your power supply might be a little marginal for the GTX 580.  They require that the 12 volt supply be capable of 42 amps or 405 watts.probably the only way to check it would be to use an external voltmeter.  Any chance you could return the GTX 580 and possibly go with a GTX 670?  It only reqiures 30 amps.  Here is what I found on the specs on the 12 volt rails


          "The PSU is rated for an output power up to 550 watts and can yield up to 450 watts across its +12V rail. Thus, its effective output power (i.e. what you can get from it in a real computer that consumes mostly from the +12V power rail) is about 500 watts, which is good. The +12V rail is split into two “virtual” lines, 25 amperes each."


          If the initial surge with everything turned on at once I would not feel comfortable with your system and that power supply.  If I read you right you have three additional hard drives inside the unit.  If you can disconnect  the power to them for a quick test and turn on your computer you might isolate your problem.  Typically each disk requires about 20 watts on startup