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    The positioning of color palette pop-up window in CS6


      I just updated to CS6 and noticed a very annoying phenomenon.


      The screenshot is my top right corner of the monitor. As you can see, the color pop-up window goes beyond the monitor. Since you can't move the pop-up window at all, there's no way I can change the color for any Filters unless I move the Properties window in the middle of the monitor. Has any of you experienced this issue? Any workarounds? I'm running Fireworks CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.4. Thanks!

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          groove25 Level 4

          The distance horizontally between the color chip and the color picker is unusually large in that screenshot. On my setup (FW CS6 on Mac OS 10.6.8), the color picker appears consistently very close to the color chip, even if I drag the Properties inspector to the top right of the screen.


          Do you still have CS5 installed, and does the same thing happen there? The arrangement of panels seems very unusual... Is it possible there might be an unexpected interaction between them? (Have you observed this issue with one of the default workspace arrangements?) It's not a very satisfying workaround, but you could use your Swatches panel as a color picker replacement; they're linked in CS6.


          Another user recently reported a problem with the color picker appearing offscreen in Lion:



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            sito_ Level 1

            Hey groove25, thanks for the reply.


            The arrangement looks a bit different because I use a secondary monitor to have all the panels. I never had this issue with CS4 or CS5. After reading your comment, I moved around the Properties bar and confirmed this only happens when the bar is in the secondary monitor.


            For the time being, I think I'll go back to CS5 rather than try to break my habit and use the Swatches. I'll file a bug report to Adobe as well.

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              groove25 Level 4

              Ah! That's funny. I was almost going to joke that your workaround should be to get a second monitor (for the color picker).


              There are actually two things that are weird about the placement of the color picker: One is the distance from the color chip, and the other is that it's oblivious to the right edge of your monitor (but not the top edge). I don't know how it works exactly, but both of those factors seem to be accounted for under normal circumstances.


              The bug report to Adobe seems like a good idea. I take it that your hardware hasn't changed recently? Boy, the distance between that color picker and the chip is really perturbing... like it's assuming a different scale or has lost its bearings. They did make some changes to the color picker in CS6, though, so maybe that's the underlying cause, or else it's a Lion thing.