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    Aliasing In AVCHD Footage, Not In FCP7!




      I'm working with some AVCHD 1080p Footage in Premiere CS6. I made the move away from FCP7 hoping I could get high quality results in Premiere.




      In both "natively editing" and via Prelude Ingesting the AVCHD to ProRes422, the footage is Aliased (a.k.a. Jaggies). Both in the Program Monitor AND after Export.


      However, a side-by-side comparison to the same footage Log & Transferred in FCP7 shows that the FCP7 footage is not Aliased! Same settings. The files are the same size, and the same Data Rate. This only happens in the Adobe Workflow.


      In my Media Encoder settings, I have tried both Maximum Render Quality and Render At Maximum Depth. Neither of these make a difference.


      The footage is also set at Progressive 29.97. Quality 100%. Square Pixels 1.0.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      Here is a 100% size screenshot of the two clips opened side-by-side in Quicktime. Have a look.





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