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    Cross References Not Visible in Panel

    Zinusmero Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have been enjoying the Cross References functionality in Indesign CS6 to use dynamic text that changes....until recently.


      When i first started using them, the Cross References (CR) would be listed in the Hyperlinks/CR panel.


      I can create a destination, create a hyperlink to that destination, change what it shows (I am using Paragraph Number) and it works as it should.


      The problem i am having is that the CRs are not visible in the Cross Reference panel (the hyperlinks too for that matter)


      This means i cant modify my cross references.


      Does anyone know why they wouldnt show in the panel? Or is there any other way to see them?


      I need to fix this. I have tried resetting the preferences as i found in other posts, but that didnt help