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    Premiere Pro has encountered an error.

    Nddirector Level 1

      Hey All!


      Getting a new error popping when opening a project.


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.

      [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/tightykilt/shared/adobe/dvamediatypes/project/mac/../../src/Ti ckTime.cpp-207]


      I can usually click continue about 10 times and get the project to open. It only happens when clicking this particular project file. Of course all my backups of the same project are doing the same thing. AutoSaves don't have the error, but are too far back to revert to one of them. It doesn't seem to effect my ability to work on the project. Just a little concerned because this is a long form doc with a couple hundred hours of footage and a tight deadline. Hoping to be able to get through it. Any ideas what this is?