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    Aspect Ration on DVD

    SAngeli Level 1


      I read some docs on the Internet regarding Aspect Ratio but I still need help.

      I live in Europe and have PAL 25 frames/second (this is the correct setting).


      I faced a problem dictated by my inexperience with creating DVDs to play the project I create for regular home TV. So far, I only took care of what being viewed on PC or on the Internet.


      The main issue is that people could have both regular old style TV (I assume I can say 4:3) and more modern flat widescreen TV (16:9).


      I have a small project made of several pictures taken with my digital camera (2848x2136pixel; 72x72dpi). I decided to create a nice slideshow presentation but was unable to use Premiere EL because I did not know how reach the same result I found it so easy to use with Win Live Movie Maker that does all the animation in 1 click for you and also output the video in Full HD.

      QUESTION: How can I do the same Win Live Movie Maker  does with Premiere EL?


      With this nice picture resolution and size I obviously decided to go for 16:9 so that I can benefit more of a panoramic view.

      The problem is what does most people have at home in respect to aspect ratio, DVD player and TV?



      1. If I produce a 16:9 movie will the DVD automatically adapt to 4:3 if needed or will I loose edges of the pictures being cut off (16:9 => 4:3)?
      2. To avoid this TV issue, I natively created with two different videos with two different aspect ratio. Then, I created a new DVD project with 16:9 native aspect ratio and saved both videos giving the end user the choice to view. But I do not know if this is right.
      3. If I produce a 4:3 movie I will lose the nice panoramic view.
      4. What do commercial DVDs that I am unable to do, in respect to Aspect Ratio?


      What should I do?


      Another few questions:

      1. Is there a software that would just handle creation of DVDs menu and not creating movies? So far, having tried so many I found Ashampoo Movie Menu being the best because it respects the HD and Full HD resolution and allows you for just creating up to Full HD DVD menu and the actual video without degrading the video quality. I ask this because when I generate a Full HD video on the PC going to create a DVD, any software, even Premiere EL, would degrade the video quality and will not keep the HD resolution.
      2. How can I create new DVD menu and animations in Premiere EL either from scratch or using existing ones?
      3. Is there a way to find external or additional DVD menu other than what is installed from the DVD of the software?


      Thank you for your reply.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As with any DVDs, if you play a widescreen DVD on a TV that is only 4:3, your video will be letterboxed.


          You can set up Premiere Elements to produce a widescreen video by selecting that option in your project settings when  you first start up your project. Part 1 of my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials shows you how to set up a project.



          However, do make sure that your photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size before you add them to Premiere Elements or you may overload and choke the program.