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    Problems with Premiere Elements 10, please help!

    SCM Video Editor



      I am in the process of editing some videos for the charity I work for using Premiere Elements 10 but I am encountering some problems...


      Firstly, Elements keeps crashing for no reason... It happened time after time when I was trying to edit a title, to get around it I had to delete the title and then insert a new one and it was fine. However, it has started again. I am just trying to select multple scenes and a title to group them and elements just crashes citing a runtime error. Anyone know how I can solve this problem? An update may be needed.


      Normally when moving around clips on the timeline you get a strong verticle black line across the timeline to indicate when the clip in next to the beginning/end of another clip/title/item on the timeline so it is easy to line things up. This feature has disappeared from one of my projects which is very annoying as I keep accidently chopping bits of clips off. Why has it disappeared? How do I get it back?


      These current issues are making it difficult for me to work and are very frustratig, any help would be gratefully received!


      Many thanks,


      John H.