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    Creating an ajustable 3d shape (without using any plugins, Away 3D etc).

    Mrbo0m Level 1

      I followed this youtube video:



      And I created a 3D cube in flash using the 3D rotation tool and registration points. I know it isnt truely 3D it more like 2.5D.


      I have the finish item and its cool but I was wondering, how would I go about using actionscript to edit the cube. I would ideally like to be able to edit the size of the cube maybe extrude it in some way. Also how could I spin it on its axis In a similar way to using the 3D rotation tool.


      I dont know how to do these things without ruining the effect on the cube itself.


      Im relatively new to Flash and AS3 but im trying to really emerse myself until I have really mastered it at a high level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.