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    Playback problem after inserting title over video clip.


      I am new to Premiere Elements 10 and have a problem playing back a video clip in .mov format after inserting a default still Title. The clip falters and halts for a few seconds before resuming.


      The total length of the clip is 4m 43 secs, 1280 x 720; 29 frames/sec. 191mb.


      Is the problem in the file size? A similar problem occurred when adding transitions between stills but I solved that by resizing down from 10mb.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Have you rendered your timeline whenever you see a red line above your clips on your timeline?


            Press Enter. When the timeline is rendered and your red lines are green, you should have smooth, clean playback.

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              Ed012 Level 1

              I wasn't aware of the indications on the timeline that you have brought to my attention; I am using the downloaded pdf manual to learn the basics and it is not, as you know, very user friendly. I will look for those indications and hopefully solve the problem.


              Does that also apply to the problem that I had with the fade transitions between stills; was the file size not the problem?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional



                And if you find the downloaded manual unsatisfactory, I hope you'll consider my book -- a step-by-step look at every tool in the program and how it works.


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                  Ed012 Level 1

                  Hi Steve


                  I activated the Rendering facility after obtaining the key code on my workplace computer; I am not connected to the internet at my home.


                  I rendered a small test file and it worked smoothly afterwards. Should I wait until the main file has received titles over all of the clips and I have adjusted colour and levels before rendering the project completely?


                  There are many stills in the project that are not displayed and the small screen is filled with the red message in several languages 'media off-line'. Is there away of remedying this? I hope that I am not exceeding the capabilities of my CPU.

                  When I publish the project will the 'off-line media' be present or missing?


                  When I start a new project a message states that an updated display driver 1.1.0 will improve the performance. I have looked everywhere on the Microsoft website but to no avail and web searches come up with some dodgy looking sites that offer free downloads of the driver.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    It sounds like we're actually chasing several issues in this thread now, Ed. So it might be best to focus on one issue at a time.


                    Your "media offline" indications mean that your video files were never copies to your computer's hard drive and that they're either still on your camcorder or they're on an external hard drive or other device that's been disconnected, as in this similar thread.



                    If you use the Premiere Elements Video Importer to get your video from your camcorder, it will automatically copy your video files to your computer and you won't have that issue.


                    As for the updated driver, that's not a Microsoft thing. The driver you need will come from your graphics card's manufacturer's web site -- either the ATI site or the nVidia web site. This FAQ offers more information.



                    It also might help to manually go to Windows Update and look for non-critical updates (which don't download automatically). Get every non-critical update that's available. This can help refresh a number of out of date drivers.


                    Much of this will, of course, happen auotomatically over an always-on internet connection. However, it sounds as though you don't have an internet connection -- and that could be why the program is not automatically updating and and correcting these issues.

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                      Ed012 Level 1

                      The imported video clips, from my Coolpix S8000 are fine and are always visible in the panel where they reside after using the 'get media' facility.They are also visible in the Sceneline/Timeline.


                      The problem is with the jpegs from my D80. The majority of them have one red and one green radial arrow (like the green refresh icon). They have the red 'media off-line' substitution on the Sceneline/Timeline. I have noticed that occasionally they will refresh and then the image can be seen.


                      I haven't rendered the project in the way that you mentioned, by pressing Enter; will that make a difference? As I said earlier I intended to render the full project after adding titles to the clips and adjusting the colour and levels of clips where necessary.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Media being seen as Offline indicates that PrE cannot find the files. If they sometimes show, but sometimes do not, then it might indicate a problem with the HDD, where they are stored. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/790686?tstart=30


                        When a Project is Opened, and it cannot follow the absolute Path to the Assets, linked in the PREL (Project) file, one should initially get the "Where is file ____ ?" dialog. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/990503?tstart=0


                        In that second article, there is also a link to an article, that explains what is in the PREL file, and how it works.


                        I would definitely check out the HDD, where the Assets are stored, very, very carefully, as it sounds like there might be corruption in the file, or folder structure.


                        Good luck,



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                          Ed012 Level 1

                          Thanks Bill


                          I had resized the jpegs to reduce the total size of the project. Also, I 'saved as' and renamed the project in a new folder.

                          there wer approximately 150 - 200 jpegs that had lost the link so I deleted them and re-imported.

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                            Ed012 Level 1

                            I experienced the same offline media problem despite creating a new project and reimporting the jpegs and .mov video clips. When reopening the project to continue working approximately 100 of the 440 slides in the project panel displayed the red and green radial arrows and the corresponding slides in the timeline displayed the red media offline icon. The video clips always display, but around 100 of approximate 400 jpegs in the middle of the project go offline on opening.


                            I uninstalled the program then reinstalled but the pattern was repeated. In desparation I clicked the red and green arrowed icons and accidentally clicked on the small green dot in the bottom left hand corner. The icons then refreshed and the image appeared in both the project panel and timeline. This information, the green dot, is not shown in the pdf manual.


                            Later however, when reopening the file, the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library screened:


                            "Runtime Error


                            This application has requested the Runtime

                            to terminate it in an unusual way".


                            The project then greyed out and I had to force a restart. I tried this three times and on the fourth attempt it succeeded in loading the slides. I then finished editing and rendered the slides. Before converting to a slideshow for disc I decided to play the video (1 hour 28 minutes) to ensure that there were no mistakes but half way through there was another runtime error and I forced another restart.


                            The error appeared each time I opened the project so I now need to ask advice as I have wasted weeks of work.


                            The processor is an AMD 9650 Quad-Core

                            4 GB of RAM

                            ATI Radeon HD4550 graphics (microsoft WDDM 1.1)

                            276GB of 576GB free

                            32 Bit

                            Graphics memory 1919MB

                            Direct X v10.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Resizing the Still Images to about the Frame Size of the Project should have eliminated a lot of problems that we see associated with the use of overly-large Still Images.


                              For the "relinking," this article might have been useful, and might be useful in the future: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/990503?tstart=0


                              Good luck,



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                For the C++ Runtime Error, this Adobe KB Article might be useful: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/microsoft-visual-c-runtime-error.html


                                Here is a thread on C++ Runtime issues in PrE 7: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4286971


                                Good luck,



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                                  Ed012 Level 1

                                  I am still struggling with the project and hope that you can help me further. I first converted the jpegs to psd files as they always displayed in the project panel and scene/timelines. Previously large batches of the jpegs showed offline status, only cured by clicking on the green button at the left-hand corner of the icon. This was very time consuming and out of curiosity-despair I converted to psd files.


                                  However when exporting to PC-Windows Media the process failed at the end (2hrs 40mins): Windows Media is out of memory. I have 4GB of RAM, the project is just over 3GB in the exporting dialogue box. I viewed the scratch disk dialogue box and approximately 240GB  (C: drive) is allotted to the various parts of the project.


                                  I bought an extra 4GB of RAM but for some reason it won’t work in my processor; when I switch on there is a ‘no signal’ message on my screen. If I remove the native RAM and substitute the new RAM the result is the same. I will ask the store to run a check on the new RAM if that is possible.


                                  I read your (Bill) article relating to downsizing jpegs to 1000 x 750 pixels. I batch processed them in Photoshop and gave them a try. I rendered the project before exporting. Why is it rendered a second time when exporting? The result was the same: windows media is out of memory. I deleted a batch of video clips but the result was the same. I exported to DVD and again it was the same.


                                  The only transition that I use is the two second of cross fade. The project contains approximately 400 jpegs and 40 video clips (.mov format, 29fps 720). In most cases I have split the clips and applied the transition. In the majority of clips I adjusted brightness and saturation, and applied titles to some. I was intending to add audio, music tracks, to the project but it looks like I will need to dream on.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Memory & Resources extend beyond just the installed RAM. See this article for more info: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/632449?tstart=30


                                    As for that extra RAM, it does sound as though you have at least one bad stick. Also, All RAM should match 100% in brand, model and exact specs.. If it does not match, the likelihood of problems goes up exponentially. Even if one has to completely replace existing RAM, if they cannot match those existing DIMM's, is preferred to having mis-matched sticks.


                                    Increasing the RAM is a good thing, as with Win7-64, 4GB is just about enough to run the OS, leaving almost nothing for programs.


                                    Also, see this FAQ Entry for some tips on tuning up the system for PrE: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/792580?tstart=0


                                    Also, am I correct that you only have a single, physical HDD, your C:\? That will be a bottleneck too.


                                    For the Media Offline errors (you had with your JPEG's), see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/790686?tstart=30


                                    Good luck,