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    Auto Number list problem-Font error?


      Hello all,


      I am stumped on why indesign is seemingly unable to recognizing automated numbering in a paragraph style.


      I've used numbered list styles in a document to automate question numbering to avoid manually entering it. This has worked perfectly for 2+ years until yesterday.


      We currently run CS5. I opened up the document and noticed my numbered list styles which are nested into the numbered question styles, the automated numbers now highlight in pink as if missing a font, however there are no missing fonts that appear when I check my font list.

      When others in the company open the same document on their machines, they get bullets in front of their numbers which really throws off the formatting.(I only get the pink numbers, while others get the bullets + numbers, sometimes it's pink, sometimes not like the images below)


      I checked other (older) documents and the same issue is happening there when we use automatic numbering. (But again, I get the pink numbers, other get bullets infront of their numbers) We all have the same fonts in suitcase and the same styles.



      I've checked every nested style and am certain the syles are built correctly (I've used the same styles for the past few years) I even redefined, reloaded them them to ensure they are set as numbers instead of bullets with no luck.


      I also tried exporting to an idml with no luck.


      To me it seems like a font error because even opening up past documents with these styles, the numbers turn pink.


      Could this be an error with whatever font that indesign uses for automated numbering in Indesign? Is there a way to define the font indesign uses for automatic numbering? I'm wondering how to fix it because I have thousands of questions with the automated numbering set up.


      Any advice?


      I can provide more insight how the styles are built if needed. I'm confused why it would suddenly break for styles that worked well for so long.


      Thanks for any tips!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Is there a character style being applied? It might call for a font name that doesn't exist, like italic instead of oblique, or something similar.

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            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What does you bullets and numbering say, do you have a character style.

            Screen shot 2012-08-22 at 10.31.09 AM.png


            Check your preferences to find why the font is showing in pink, most likley this is a substituted font. Unchceck to see if thsi goes away to confirm.

            Screen shot 2012-08-22 at 10.32.27 AM.png

            You may have for example have the numbers in Type 1 Myriad, but only have the Opentype version fo Myriad loaded. So all you may have to do is go to one of the machines this is working on, and copy the font to your computer.


            There are quite a few places to load fonts, so this can be confusing ubnless you area a font expert, as there even are fonts that only load into InDesign which you can find by ctrl clicking on the InDesign app and doing a show package contents, adn drilling down into the fonts folder.

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              creusche Level 1

              Thanks for your replies,


              I do have a character style included to define the numbering.

              Could it be messing up as I don't have a font defined in the char. style? Or perhaps setting it as {none} maybe a bad thing I don't know about.


              I did check my preferences and it looks like it is a substituted font as it goes away when I uncheck it. (The standard font we use is myriad pro regular, which all should have activated in suitcase)


              Problem is in another indesign document I noticed I get the bullets now too (another document I get the numbers). When I try to redefine the character style to a specify a font and base it on normal (which is set as myriad pro), the substituted font goes away however the bulletes remain despite being  definded as a numbered list in the para style set up. 


              I am still confused, maybe I'm not understanding how the fonts are coming into play convering the numbers into bullets.  Mike, Are you saying there may be other myriad fonts that may solve this issue?



              char style options.jpg


              Here are examples of the para. style. Listed are characteristics, followed by the style options.


              numbers 2.jpg



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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Please show us the Basic Character Formats sections of both the paragraph style and character style definitions.


                You should not be adding a specific font family to the character style unless you want a different face from the rest of the paragraph. Is Myriad Pro Condensed installed?

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                  creusche Level 1

                  Ok after much confusion I found the issue was within my style... There needs to be a ^#.^t defining the number style. This fixed all bullets and numbers. Now it's back to normal. Must have been changed without my knowledge which was super frustrating.


                  I guess I had to type it all out to understand the mistake! Thanks everyone for your insights!

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                    MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Missing  "^#" would cause a differtent problem than your first screen shot, no numbers would have shown up. Anyway sounds like you got your problem resolved for the moment.


                    Please come back if you have any more problems, and yes there is more than one format for Myriad and InDesign has some icons in front when using the font menu that tell you if they are Type 1/3 (highlighted) or Opentype.

                    Screen shot 2012-08-22 at 3.13.44 PM.png