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    Why does the width of a line change depending on its length?

    whatalotofrubbish Level 1

      I am using Fireworks for CS5.5 on a windows 7 64 bit machine.

      Set the screen resolution at 72 dpi.

      Set the line width at 20 (tip_size?) and draw a line 500 pixels long (hard line).

      Then, without changing the settings, draw another line 1000 pixels long.

      What does your line width or tip_size read now?

      On mine it reads 23 pixels - does anyone know why?

      Is there a setting that does not change the line width if the line length changes?

      It has caused me lots of problems of late, and I am sure that it has not always been so.

      Surely the line width should not change depending on the length of the line drawn.