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    Viewing Responses



      You were so helpful with my last question, that i need to ask one more.  When I am viewing responses, the header is gigantic and the individual results disappear under it when I try to go through scrolling to review the responses.  I am sure I am doing something strange, but this is another piece I don't understand.  Help would be much appreciated!

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

          Hi Dana,


          The behavior you describe for the table's header row is the expected behavior. The screenshot below shows the responses table for an example form scrolled such that row 7 is the first visible row.




          We keep the header row visible as you scroll through the responses so that you don't lose track of the columns. This is particularly helpful when scroll the view horizontally as well as vertically.


          How tall is your header row compared to the one shown above?




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            dhalle1451dsf Level 1

            My header row takes up the entire screen.  I am sure I did something to it, but I can’t see the information below it! 




            Dana L. Halle

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              Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

              The header row can be quite tall if you have a question on your form that contains a lot of text, as shown in the screenshot below.




              If that is the case for your form, you have a couple of options:


              1. Shorten the amount of text in the column header to reduce the height of the cell. Note that the content of the column header can be modified independently of the question text in the form - form fillers will continue to see the original text.

              2. Widen the column to reduce the height of the header cell.




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                dhalle1451dsf Level 1

                Oh my gosh – that was it – too much text.  I shortened text and my problem is gone.  Once again, thanks for the quick and perfect advice!!




                Dana L. Halle