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    Error reading rhvariable.apj after RH9 crash

    rasterdan Level 1

      I was adding variables to RH9 on my Win XP 64 pc and RoboHelp crashed.  Not unexpected, RoboHelp crashes several times a day so I save often.  This time, when reopening my project, I get an Error reading rhvariable.apj <5>. 


      My rhvariable.apj file is there with most of my work (currently over 600 variables) that I don't want to redo.  If I look at my variables, there are none shown in the editor.


      How can I get my variables back without having to re-enter every one?  I have opened the file in notepad and it looks correct, no strange characters and the beginning and end of the file matches the variable files in other projects.  I also tried deleting the .cpd file and this had no effect.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.